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When selecting a reliable provider for all your French translation needs, it is important to choose a translation company you can trust. You probably also want to know how the translation procedure is carried out by the company you choose. Our company ensures that your French translations are performed by the best French translators available. Your documents will be carefully translated by our native speaking professionals. To ensure that your translations are always of the highest quality, we only select translators who translate into their own native language.

To receive a competitive quote for your French translation projects, please email your document to Our rates start from EUR 0.06 per source word. Only the best translators whose native language is French, perform our translations. The translators are carefully selected and only translate documents for which they have proven expertise.

Translate French into English

Our professional translation company will also help you to translate your French documents into English. To receive a competitive quote, please email your document to and we will get back to you with our best rates.

About French Language

French is originally spoken in France, Belgium, Luxembourg, and Switzerland. It is an official language in 29 countries, most of which form what is called in French La Francophonie, the community of French-speaking nations. It is an official language of all United Nations agencies and a large number of international organisations.

In France, French has been the official language since 1992. French is one of the four official languages of Switzerland and it is the native language of about 20% of all Swiss. In Belgium, French is the official language of the Walloon Region. French is also one of the three official languages in Luxembourg.

About 7 million Canadians are native French-speakers, of whom 6 million live in Quebec, and French is one of Canada's two official languages. By law, the federal government must operate and provide services in both English and French, proceedings of the Parliament of Canada must be translated into both these languages, and most products sold in Canada must have bilingual labels.

French is also spoken in Haiti, in French Overseas Territories (French Guiana, Guadeloupe, Martinique, Saint Barthelemy, St. Martin, Saint-Pierre and Miquelon), in Francophone Africa, Lebanon, or Pacific Island nation of Vanuatu.

Translate English into French with Professional Translation Company

Our areas of expertise in English into French translation are:

  • software translation and localisation,
  • technical translation,
  • business reports,
  • medical documents and reports,
  • software manuals,
  • patents,
  • legal documents,
  • marketing material,
  • website translation and localisation,
  • contracts,
  • financial documents,
  • and much more...